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Example Application Empty Example Application

Post by xhellscythex on Mon Aug 24, 2015 12:45 pm

In Game Name:

Total Level and number of rebirths:
12,518 and 141

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Approximate date you started:
Sometime during G6.

How active are you in game:
I am generally on everyday for 6~8 hours. Though there are times where I have to go out due to circumstances in real life.

Joined any previous guilds? If so, which one(s) and reasons of leaving them:
Fomorfriend: The active members decided to leave and form a new guild which i joined.
Memory: Everyone started coming on less and ended up disbanding.
Gambit: The leader decided to move away from the guild and formed another (I joined that as well)
Memory (new group): After a while most of the people decided to go back to Gambit (They left an alt to lead the guild so they just let people back in)
Gambit (2nd time): Everyone started playing less and everyone started leaving making it almost dead.. So I also left as well planning to be guildless for a while.
(Sorry thug no memory of being in a guild with you during this time period...)

How did you hear about us? References (if any):
Zero803 - Invited me to join the guild he was in.
Thugsta - During a PD run he also told me that I should join the guild along with zero803 and darkfire5981

Why did you consider us?
Seemed like an active guild. Everyone seemed fun, talkative and appeared often at dragon raids. Felt like a group i can get along with and there were a number of people that i recognized in the guild.

Who is the founder of the guild:
Unless there was an unknown person that started the guild, the founder is Thugsta.

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