Application Example 2 (Thugsta edition)

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Application Example 2 (Thugsta edition) Empty Application Example 2 (Thugsta edition)

Post by Thugsta on Tue Jan 19, 2016 8:57 pm

In-Game Name: Thugsta

Total Level and number of rebirths: 20000/4407 212 Rebirth

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Approximate date you started: 2009 Summer

How active are you in game: Full time after school hours, part time during classes.

Joined any previous guilds? If so, which one(s) and reasons for joining and leaving them:

Bunnymafia: I joined when I started mabi. The name is still one of my top favorites. I left to join Square

Square: Joined because it was a Korean guild and I am Korean, but left due to inactivity of players.

Vitabrevis: The guild leader was a close Hyung of mine, but he moved back to Korea and the Officer quit the game, the guild then became inactive.

NOMNOMNOM: I made this guild with Candy, gave her leader, she kicked me for disobedience. I fought for freedom..

Sleepy: made the guild with Nanachi, then Nanachi quit mabi so, I disbanded.

Tetris: I joined for Shrair and Pingpong, but I quit mabi and chiisan who was playing on Thugsta quit the guild while I was on a 3 year MIA period.

Dorks: I was spamming MA after coming back, and was clicking the middle of my screen to go in to mission, but I was invited to join Dorks by their leader Ismera at the most inconvenient timing and I accidentally joined. I left the guild because of the lack of ability in guild management, members' will and intelligence not meeting my standards.

Tsunderes: I created this guild with some strong active friends and have luckily gathered the greatest hand picked players in the server to join. I don't see any reason for leaving or disbanding the guild.

How did you hear about us? References (if any): Thugsta, the name was carefully chosen by the original members as all of my ideas were rejected. Almost everyone from the guild is my reference ;D almost... everyone.

Why did you consider us? The guild is full of gifted players with intelligence and passion that leads the guild members to always search and think for beyond what other guilds' members offer. The Information, lifeskiller guild provides a lot of support any player needs, and the guild is always found running exclusive guild runs, it's the best guild in the server.

Who is the founder of this guild? Thugsta and the crew.

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