kinsidar's application

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kinsidar's application

Post by kinsidar on Wed Oct 14, 2015 8:21 pm

In-Game Name: Kinsidar

Total Level and number of rebirths: 28

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How active are you in game: Quit for a while and trying to get back!

Joined any previous guilds? If so, which one(s) and reasons of leaving them: No previous guilds.

How did you hear about us? References (if any): Thugsta

Why did you consider us? Thugsta

Who is the founder of this guild? Thugsta

I used to play a lot four years ago, and one of my best mabi buddy was Thugsta. I downloaded Mabinogi again couple weeks ago because of nostalgia and I realized I forgot how fun it was! Happened to run into Thugsta in game and now applying for his guild membership Smile Looking forward to making new friends, I don't think mabi is fun without them.

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Re: kinsidar's application

Post by Rosslin on Wed Oct 14, 2015 8:45 pm

Hiii. Welcome back!

Just a few questions.

Firstly, how serious are you about picking the game up again? I've seen many people go and a lot of them do come back, however, many of them aren't back for long and end up quitting the game all together after such a long break. A lot has changed and it can be really overwhelming for people, so I totally understand that. It may not be a question you can answer right now, but I am curious.

Secondly, what are your skills like? What are you focusing on right now? And what would you like to be focusing on? Any short-term or long-term goals you'd like to share?

I look forward to your responses and getting to know you!

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Re: kinsidar's application

Post by Pinkaholic on Wed Oct 14, 2015 9:05 pm

BbyRossy was Ah!-mazing !
Im very sorrry that you have "Thug" as your answer to alot of them :c ... Lets be friends Very Happy ! hehehhe
How well do you work with others ?! Are you gonna leave the game after a little :c..? We dont want that !

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Re: kinsidar's application

Post by kinsidar on Wed Oct 14, 2015 9:39 pm

Honestly I don't know yet, I've only got back into the game couple weeks ago after a loooooooooooo4yearsooong break. So far I've really enjoyed the game, almost TOO much haha. so many hours past two weeks~~~~. Anyways it has been overwhelming, and it's hard to allocate my time with school right now but I know that I will play as regularly as possible(even if I'm afk online). Biggest turnoff past two weeks has been the overwhelming amount of new skills, pets, equipments, etc that I feel like everyone was better than me and I won't be able to catch up, but I decided to just enjoy the process of working on my character right now. Another turnoff was that none of my friends from back then were still playing, but I met Thugsta today and that got me really excited haha.

Currently I'm keeping my main under 1k lvl so that I could reset all my skills if needed( cumulative 966, current 89), because I don't know what path I want to take with so much new content. I've reset my skills once and past two weeks I've been focusing on mastering combat. Combat skills ranks are:
defence: r1
smash: r1
counter att: r1
charge: r8
windmill: r1
FH: r1
Combat master: r1
critical: r3;;
assault slash: r1
rage impact: r3
bash: r1
sword mastery: r1
shield mastery: r1
light armor: r1
evasion: r8
dual wield: r4
crisis escape: r5
play dead: r1

production mastery: r1
refining: r1
herbalism: r8
potion making: rD

Awakening of light: r5
paladin: r1

I've ranked some magic skills (just the bolts) to r1 before resetting my skills, so I can rank them when I have ap.
I have Ice spear, fireball, thunder.
I've always been interested in becoming a mage, but it's always been out of my budget line ;(

all other skills are around F.

the new skills seem really cool which I would like to try out such as:
Fighter, ninja, dual guns, puppet.
Music seems really cool too.
Never been too interested in alchemy but I'm willing to go meta.

I also have alts(elf lvl 650, giant lvl 650).
I'm currently deciding which race I want to play. I only want to invest in on character, and I'm currently deciding between human(kinsidar) or elf(specializing in range & puppetry).

I haven't decided what my long term goals are for this game, but I know that I want to keep working on my character, and enjoy the process of it. I'd also like to make new friends, it makes the process a million times better haha.

and I'd like to master crisis escape.

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Re: kinsidar's application

Post by xhellscythex on Wed Oct 14, 2015 9:48 pm

Don't bother with elves. Details from another guildy.

Lutetium wrote:While I understand your idea of choosing an elf to use magic, I'm going to highly recommend you ditch that character and use one of your other character cards to make a human and play it instead of the elf before you end up investing too much more time into the elf.

My suggestion comes not as one of those petty shitlords who are racist against fictional characters, but as someone who made the same mistake as you almost >FOUR< years ago now and has been dealing with the developers of mabinogi having no idea how to balance a game and continually shitting on elves every patch since g13.

Something a lot of people coming into mabinogi might not realize is you can't "just be a mage" for example, it's fine to focus on one skill set or stat at first but you'll have to branch out and eventually rank all of the skills, there's a lot of occasions where you'll find one skill set or another is from inefficient to totally ineffective against certain monsters or certain spawns of multiple monsters. Another thing that may not be immediately apparently about mabinogi is how centralizing the strength stat is, something elves lack around 300~ of vs humans late-endgame (potentially more with level up bonuses considered), it dictates not only your damage for close combat but also the damage monsters do to you, the damage you do with lances (elves can't even equip lances, which are a late-endgame combat weapon that ignores a part or all of a monster's damage reduction depending on the monster's def/prot), puppetry (one of the most generally useful skill sets in the game), shooter, and ninja (shooter and ninja being the fastest combo of skill sets for wiping the floor with trash shadow mission mobs).

For a more comprehensive list of the disadvantages of playing an elf;
no final hit (one of the strongest skills in the game which brings certain high level content down to the level of being cleared by left clicking repeatedly)
can't equip most two handed combat weapons
can't dual wield any weapon type
can't use lances or get the associated skills
lower percentage chance to trigger the smash skill's secondary effects (40% vs 50% on human 60% on giant)
lower base defense bonus from the defense skill
lower damage modifier for counter
lower damage modifier and higher cooldown for windmill (an extremely useful skill regardless of which skill set you main, the higher cooldown will result in you getting killed or taking hits on an elf when you could have knocked the mob away instead on a human)
lower damage bonus for combat mastery (the effects fighter damage as well)
lower aim speed multiplier for ranged attack (elves will miss even more)
higher cooldown for support shot (1s on elf .5s on human)
less max damage from ranged attack (at cap 1500 dex human will automatically have more damage with archery than an elf due to this)
use more ap to rank and more mana to cast bolt spells for no additional stat bonuses or damage bonuses
lose 50% dex equipping heavy armor (which is nearly essential to wear for some higher end content in my honest opinion, vs 30% loss on human 10% loss on giant)
lower damage multiplier for the chain mastery skill, dictating the damage of the fighter skillset (20% elf vs 30% human and 40% giant, a second note for this is humans and elves both lose 20% when equipping heavy armor, nullifying elves' bonus from chain mastery entirely)
no berserk skill (proxy of having no lances, while not a particularly useful skill, it's another ap sink for more str)

I believe that's everything, I may have overlooked something though, but here's a much shorter list of the actual advantages to playing an elf and why they aren't truly an advantage;
faster movement speed (has little to no effect in combat, you'll spend most of your time on a mount anyways if you're actually going somewhere/down a hallway in a dungeon/sm etc.)
lower Ice Spear mana use (effectively nullified by the 30% mana reduction on druid staff, 2% mana reduction per 100 int, and 20% reduction from ice mastery, along with the inspiration skill to restore your mana faster than you'll use it)
Mirage Missile (a useless DoT skill that has no place in mabinogi's gameplay style of killing the monsters quickly as possible in as few hits as possible in the largest aoe)
archery from horseback (a novelty that has no use in practice)

As you can see from all of that great wall of text, elves really aren't worth playing especially when you haven't put years into the elf and still have the option to move over to a human. I didn't even go into the biases in level up stat bonuses but you can view those on the "Character" wiki page if you want to read into them.

Also a full disclosure for you, I play an elf, I'm 14.6k total, I can assure you that if you stick with the elf you won't enjoy the game as much and all of your time and effort spent on it will feel unrewarding especially when you see humans half your level hitting higher than you with much less effort. The developers do not care about balance and do not play their own game, elves won't be fixed any time soon if ever.

Try out new skills sure. Going for all of them at once no. Should probably go for any cp related ones that you'll want now while you can. The newer skills you pointed out are non-cp related. Just finding the right situations and spamming the fu** out of them.

No questions from me for now.

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Re: kinsidar's application

Post by kinsidar on Fri Oct 16, 2015 4:01 pm

Pinkaholic wrote:BbyRossy was Ah!-mazing !
Im very sorrry that you have "Thug" as your answer to alot of them :c ... Lets be friends Very Happy ! hehehhe
How well do you work with others ?! Are you gonna leave the game after a little :c..? We dont want that !

What is BbyRossy?!?!??

I think I get along fine with others, I mean I have to deal with Thug(sta)....
I'm not sure how much I'll play, but I'll definitely stay for a while Smile


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Re: kinsidar's application

Post by Thugsta on Sat Oct 17, 2015 7:01 am

BbyRossy = BabyRosslin shortened for my BabygirlRosslin.
and There's nothing wrong with me D:

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Re: kinsidar's application

Post by zilther on Sat Oct 17, 2015 10:25 am

Thugsta wrote:BbyRossy = BabyRosslin shortened for my BabygirlRosslin.
and There's nothing wrong with me D:

Whatever lets you sleep at night.

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Re: kinsidar's application

Post by xhellscythex on Sat Oct 17, 2015 8:24 pm

Several people gave the green light.
Apply at our guild stone or find a guild member to add you into the guild.
The stone is outside the western gate of dunbarton.

Welcome to the guild.

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Re: kinsidar's application

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