Fragile Dreams - Moonlight Tracks

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Fragile Dreams - Moonlight Tracks Empty Fragile Dreams - Moonlight Tracks

Post by xhellscythex on Thu Dec 10, 2015 7:15 am

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1. A Dedication to... Everyone
2. Silver-Haired Girl
3. How Beautiful
4. Tell Me Why
5. Friends
6. Awesome!
7. Malice
8. Must Eliminate
9. Together With The Moon
10. Thank You
11. Hikari
12. Tsuki no Nukumori

Download Link: ?ok4ncoz067h5vuj

Fragile Dreams Game Trailer Vocal Track : Hikari

I almost cried from playing this game... Loved the music/story. Battle was very simple though.
One of the first games that I know of for the console where I could choose the Japanese/English voices.
And for those that are bored enough. Rough translation of the video.

By the time you are reading this...
I am probably already gone...
If you go east from here...there is a large red tower (says large/big red metal tower)
Go... (pause)
There... (another pause)
"Um... I am..."
...Someone other than you...might be alive. (might still be alive or might have survived)
"Huh... so humans were still alive?"
"What are you even doing  here?"
"Have you seen a silver haired girl?"
"I might have seen her...and I  might not have" (Like...I think I saw her but it might not have been her type of thing...)

"You...What are you going to do after meeting her?"
"I want to help/save her"
"And then what are you going to do?"
"It's fine if I can feel her warmth next to her..."
"Just holding hands is fine"
"It's fine if she's next to me, seeing the same things as me, and nodding her head."
"I've had enough of traveling alone and looking at the moon alone!"

ah well..Enjoy the sound tracks~

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