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Baldr Vocal Collection Empty Baldr Vocal Collection

Post by xhellscythex on Thu Dec 10, 2015 5:32 am

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1. Restoration ~Chinmoku no sora~
2. Paradigm Shift
3. Jihad
4. Nano Universe
5. Rakuen no Metaphor (Metaphor of Paradise)
6. Across the Destiny
7. B-Connected
8. Restoration ~Chinmoku no sora~ (Instrumental)
9. Paradigm Shift (Instrumental)
10. Jihad (Instrumental)
11. Nano Universe (Instrumental)
12. Rakuen no Metaphor (Metaphor of Paradise) (Instrumental)
13. Across the Destiny (Instrumental)
14. B-Connected (Instrumental)
Extra. Restoration (Endroll Ver.) (from a different album)

Download Link: ?owwrum5x3v4xxro

Baldr Sky Dive 1 Opening: Restoration ~Chinmoku no Sora~

Baldr Sky Dive 2 Opening: Jihad

Baldr Sky Dive X Opening: Rakuen no Metaphor (Metaphor of Paradise)

Those moments when you see mistakes in the videos rofl... "BaldSky"

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